Strata and Community Management in Adelaide

Strata and community management solutions for small to medium-sized corporations in Adelaide.

Adelaide strata and community management solutions for small to medium-sized communities – streamlining guaranteed.

Personalised services and expert guidance to optimise the management of your Adelaide strata or community corporation.

Our services

Comprehensive strata and community management services

SA Strata Solutions offers a comprehensive range of Adelaide strata and community management services tailored to provide piece of mind to small to medium-sized strata and community corporations.

Our services include:


Administrative Tasks:

  • Meeting organisation and minutes preparation
  • Correspondence management
  • By-law enforcement and compliance

Maintenance Coordination:

  • Coordination of repairs and maintenance tasks
  • Contract management for service providers

Financial Management:

  • Budget preparation and financial reporting
  • Collection of levies and handling of financial transactions
  • Expense management and payment processing

Compliance and Legal Requirements:

  • Understanding and adherence to relevant legislation and regulations
  • Assistance with insurance matters and claims
  • Strata title and community management advice

Key benefits

Strata and community management in Adelaide

The benefits of working SA Strata Solutions

SA Strata Solutions is a trusted partner for strata and community management in Adelaide. With our concept Experience the Difference, we ensure you receive the attention and support you deserve.

Absolute Personalised Services:

  • Tailored solutions to meet your unique needs
  • Attention to detail and personalised care

Prompt Communication:

  • A commitment to returning all calls and emails within 24 hours
  • Open lines of communication to address your inquiries and concerns

Streamlined Management:

  • Efficiently managing your Corporation to minimise costs
  • One quarterly fee that covers all necessary expenses, eliminating incidental costs and charges

Simplified Financial Processes:

  • No additional costs for annual tax returns
  • No extra fees for meetings or annual audits of the trust account

Owner Engagement:

  • Encouraging all owners in your Corporation to become committee members
  • Fostering a sense of community and collaboration

Consistent Point of Contact:

  • The person you speak to initially is the same person you’ll communicate with throughout our partnership
  • Ensuring continuity and personalised service

Experience the difference with SA Strata Solutions. Contact us today to discuss your strata and community management needs.

What is strata management?

Strata and community management in Adelaide

Strata management typically refers to the management of groups of dwellings or properties that are governed by a Strata Corporation. These properties are usually organised under a single Certificate of Title, and the management of various aspects, such as maintenance, finances, and administration, is overseen by the Strata Corporation.

Strata corporation

When a developer wants to construct a Strata group of units a Strata Corporation is created and then when the dwellings are complete, they are each sold and the owners become a member of the Strata Corporation.

In short, they are a ‘shareholder’ of the Corporation like a business.

Common property

Each owner must contribute to the costs of maintaining the Common Property which can include but is not limited to, all building structures on the property including fences, carports, driveway(s) and gardens that are not within a Unit Subsidiary.

A unit subsidiary is part of the Corporation that is for that particular unit to use exclusively including, but not limited to, the inside of the dwelling, any private gardens, carports and garages.


Each Corporation must have a Committee which must comprise a Presiding Officer, a Secretary and a Treasurer and one person can hold more than one position on the Committee.

Strata managers

Many Corporations find the legalities and amount of work involved in managing their Corporation daunting, cumbersome and time-consuming and therefore, they engage a Strata Manager.

The corporation must still have its own committee despite employing a strata manager.

What does a strata manager do

The role of the Strata Manager is to advise the committee, take instructions from the committee, send out levy notices for fees to each owner, organise regular maintenance and pay bills, organise insurance, make insurance claims, organise quotes for larger works, and generally to chair meetings.