Community Corporation Management in Adelaide

Community corporation management involves the effective administration of shared resources, amenities, and services to promote a harmonious neighborhood environment and enhance the well-being of all residents.

Community corporation management

Unlike Strata, Community Corporations have more flexible ByLaws, and though they have a Management Committee, day-to-day responsibilities are often lighter.

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What is community corporation management?

The Community Corporation Act 1996, superseded the Strata Titles Act 1988 at which time, in 1996, developers could no longer create Strata Corporations.  From 1996 onwards they could only create Community Title developments. 

Unlike Strata Corporations, Community Corporations mean that each unit owner is responsible for their own particular dwelling including building insurance.  There is usually also one water meter per dwelling unlike Strata whereby, often, all units on site share one water meter.

Key Aspects of Community Corporation Management and Responsibilities

Community Corporations do not have such a strict set of ByLaws as Strata Corporations do, and each unit owner does actually own their own dwelling.  In a Community Title Development, there must be an element of Common Property which is sometimes nothing more than a driveway.  Community Corporations do also require a Management Committee consisting of a Presiding Officer, Secretary and Treasurer.

Levies are still payable by unit owners, to cover costs such as Common Property insurance, lighting and gardening.

Community Corporations can choose to engage the services of a Community Management Company to oversee all the administrative and financial obligations of abiding by the Community Titles Act 1996, much the same as a Strata Manager, however, the day to day responsibilities of a Community Manager are much less, given they are really only managing the Common Property.

Our services

What is community corporation management?

Our services include:


Administrative Tasks:

  • Meeting organisation and minutes preparation
  • Correspondence management
  • By-law enforcement and compliance

Maintenance Coordination:

  • Coordination of repairs and maintenance tasks
  • Contract management for service providers

Financial Management:

  • Budget preparation and financial reporting
  • Collection of levies and handling of financial transactions
  • Expense management and payment processing

Compliance and Legal Requirements:

  • Understanding and adherence to relevant legislation and regulations
  • Assistance with insurance matters and claims
  • Strata title and community management advice

Community corporation management

Whether you’re looking for a tailored approach or considering a transition, we’re here to craft solutions that align with your community’s distinct requirements. Reach out to us today and discover a new level of seamless and effective management.